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Aqara D200

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Aqara D200


Specifications :

  • Product Name - Aqara D200
  • Product Number - ZNMS23LM
  • Product Weight - 4.4kg
  • Wireless Connections - Bluetooth 5.1, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, NFC
  • Power Supply - 5000mAh lithium battery (7.5V 1.5A), Type-C emergency power supply port (5V 2A)
  • Working Humidity - 0~93% RH, no condensation
  • Operating Temperature  -  -10℃~55℃
  • Implementation Standards - GA 374-2019, GA/T 73-2015 (lock cylinder)
  • Product safety level - Class B
  • Lock cylinder security level - Class C

Product Details :

  • Google Assistant and HomeKit (incl. Home Key) Support: The Door Lock D200i is designed to work with HomeKit including the newest Apple Home Key feature and also supports unlocking via Google Assistant or Google Home app.
  • 5-months Li-Ion Battery: The newest and more sustainable Lithium-Ion battery pack provides for about one year of battery life and is equipped with a USB-C port for easy charging. (2 battery packs given)
  • 9 Unlock Methods: Permanent, one-time and periodic passwords, Face, NFC card, mechanical key, Aqara Home app (via Bluetooth or Zigbee), HomeKit (incl. Home Key), Google Assistant.
  • Metal Unibody with Premium Design: The D200i's housing made of glass and metal incorporates the best build quality we can currently offer. The lock feels extremely solid and does not have any moving parts thanks to its fully automatic lock body.
  • Wider Door Thickness Support: The D200i now supports a much wider range of door thickness. It can be installed onto the doors from 40 to 120 mm.
  • Mechanical Key and Emergency Type-C Port: Even if the batteries run out, you can still open the D200i by using a mechanical key or by charging it via the hidden Type-C port.
  • Zigbee 3.0 and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Protocols: Zigbee, the most stable and reliable smart home technology, is used to support automations and cloud integrations, while Bluetooth allows to connect directly to the phone.
  • Keypad with Away Mode Button: Apart from a keypad that is invisible until you touch it, the D200i has a separate Away Mode button that can be used in automations.
  • Remote Unlock via Aqara Home App: The D200i can now be opened remotely via Aqara Home app. For example, you can open the door and watch* the delivery person leaving a parcel inside.*
  • Remotely-Configurable Passwords and Settings: Finally, the passwords and lock settings can be configured remotely via Zigbee, which allows the D200i to be used in the property rental or hotel industry.
  • NFC Cards and Protection Covers Included: We have included two Aqara NFC cards with enhanced security for even simpler unlocking. Also, we have added two detachable covers to protect the user's fingers from being jammed.
  • Ergonomic Fingerprint Reader with Sapphire Coating: A fast fingerprint reader is embedded into the housing so that your thumb will naturally touch it when opening the door.
  • Child Lock Switch: The unlock button is coupled with a small unlock switch. When it is on, that enhances the protection by not letting small children open the door accidentally.


What's In The Box :

  • Front Panel
  • Rear Panel
  • Lock Body
  • Mechanical Lock Cylinder
  • Emergency Key × 2
  • Door Latch Plate
  • Accessory Bag
  • Lithium Battery × 2
  • Installation Hole Diagram
  • Instruction Manual
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