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Baicycle S1

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Baicycle S1


S1 is a bike with three uses which could also make life more colourful while playing the role of cycling. 

First - Practical facility for riding instead of walk 
Second - Exercise: Fitness cycling, stretch body and mind 
Third- Leisure: Go out and have fun with your partner 

Let’s Chill and enjoy the life, find the meaning of travel!!! 

【Ready Stock + 1 Year Warranty】Ship from Selangor, Malaysia 
【Sturdy & Durable】The frame of the whole bike made by carbon steel to support up to 100kg load 
【LED Display Screen】Display the real-time battery life status easily  
【Key Unlock Design】Power unlocked by using the key, don’t have to worry about electric leakage due to simply turned on randomly by someone  
【 Foldable and Stretching Design 】 Space saving and easy to carry 
【Intimate Telescope Design of Sitting Tube】Can set high or short to meet the needs of different heights with wider seat 
【Built-In Lithium Battery】Equipped by 30 high-quality lithium batteries while built-in design can avoid short-circuit scrap or being stolen 
【High-Precision Disc Brake System】Provide the stable brake and tire have a good shock-absorbing effect on uneven road 
【 Dc brushless motor 】 Using 36V/250W high power brushless motor and provide decent climbing capabilities up to 15% 
【 BMS Intelligent Protection System】 Provides a full range of battery life protection 

Model: S1 
Unfolding Size: 113.5 x 52 x 97cm 
Folding Size: 113.5 x 22 x 58.5cm 
Distance of Two Wheels: 83.5cm 
Weight: 18.8kg 
Maximum Speed: 25km/h 
Battery Type: Lithium-Ion Battery 
Battery Capacity: 6.0Ah 
Voltage: 36V  
Motor Type: No-brush DC Motor 
Motor Form: Thulium 
Nominal Power: 250W 
Pure Electricity Range: 26km (Fully Charged) 
Supported Load: Up to 100kg 

1 x 3C Certificate
1 x Charger
2 x Key
2 x Aseemble Tools 【L-shaped innerhexagon wrench x 1 (Brake Levels,) Open Spanner x 1 (Paddles)】
1 x User Manual

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