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Botslab Dash Camera _ G300H

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Botslab Dash Camera _ G300H


Descriptions :

  • 1296P superior HD video quality -
    Flagship video sensor with 6 full-HD spherical lenses and IR filter, creates a HD and natural video quality Enhanced video quality during both day and night
  • Clear Night Visiom -
    Full color high-quality videos in low-light conditions
  • 160° ultra-wide view angle -
    Full coverage of all lanes without visual blind spots
  • Built-in GPS and Google Map -
    Record driving data in details. Captures driving data such as speed, time, and date with no extra GPS device required. And, your data is perfectly secured in your own phone.
  • Time-lapse Recording -
    Time lapse function allows uninterrupted parking monitoring for 24 hours while occupying less memory space. Thus the full evidence will be well saved for data to facilitate ecidence taking.
    Note : This function requires the buck line.
  • Loop Recording -
    The car camera can record continuously. The oldest videos will be replaced by newest ones when memory card is full. Meanwhile, the importat clips will be locked and not be overwritten.
  • G-Sensor -
    Emergency recording during collision or sudden movement of the car and videos will be locked without being overweitten. Providing every details at the scene fo insurance claims and traffic disputes.
  • Easy to install and connect -
    Designed for easy installation and connection with invisible wiring. Farewell to the messy lines in the car. Adjustable camera for a comfortable shooting angle.
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