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Dreame Glory Hair Dryer

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Dreame Glory Hair Dryer



  • [Powerful Airflow and Efficient Drying] A 110,000rpm motor generates a 70m/s airspeed* and 55m3/h air volume* for powerful drying that separates wet hair to reach the roots and removes moisture from the scalp, drying shoulder-length hair in as little as 2 minutes*.
  • *Data based on Dreame lab testing. Report number: A220926-01
  • [300 Million Gold Negative Ions] Releases a high concentration of gold negative ions, helping to smooth hair and lock in moisture, making it silky and elegant.
  • *Data based on Dreame lab testing. Report number: A220922-05
  • [4 Temperatures & 2 Speeds] 57°C Constant Temperature Mode: Perfect temperature to avoid heat damage when blow-drying your hair.
  • [Cold Mode] Suitable for use in summer, or cold air for styling.
  • [Hot Mode] Suitable for quickly drying wet hair.
  • [Hot/Cold Mode] Alternating temperature for curling, fluffy hair, and other styling scenes — 7s hot and 5s cold air to reduce heat buildup.
  • [Lightweight & Portable] A lightweight 345g build with a compact 82mm main cylinder makes your hair drying more relaxing and less tiring. Built with lightweight materials and a highly efficient layout to minimize fatigue while using and stay discreet when carrying or storing.
  • [Smart NTC Temperature Sensing] An NTC thermistor and advanced microprocessor combine to monitor the temperature, checking 100 times per second*, for consistent and even heating that effectively reduces split ends, hair damage, and color fading.

Create detailed hair shaping and type of styles with the combination of Temperatures and Speeds

  • Fluffy Styles: Cool Temp + High Air Speed
  • Bouncy/Curly Styles: 57°C Temp + Low Air Speed
  • Blowout Styles: Hot/Cold Mode + High Air Speed



  • Improved Hair Elasticity +37.1%
  • Penetrates deeply to moisturize hair, and make brittle hair more durable.
  • Hair Moisture +19.5%
  • Provides nourished, radiant, fluffy hair. Say goodbye to flat hair.
  • Smoothness +136.2%
  • Smooth & silky, no more tangles.
  • Shinier Hair +62%
  • Hydrates and invigorates. Revitalizes dull hair.



  • 1 x Hair Glory Hair Dryer
  • 1 x Smoothing Nozzle
  • 1 x User Manual
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