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Philips - Massage Gun _ PPM7323BK/97

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Philips - Massage Gun _ PPM7323BK/97


Specifications :

  • Net weight - Approx. 0.7kg

  • Product Dimension (LxWxH) - 157x62x204  mm

  • Color - Black

  • Quantity of massage heads - 6

  • Working voltage - 7.4 V

  • Massage amplitude - 8 mm

  • Massage frequency - 2800 rpm

  • Working power - 30 W

  • Battery - 1500 mAh

  • Charging current - 2 A

  • Charging port - USB Type-C

  • Charging voltage - 5 V


Descriptions :

  • Powerful output for deep tissue recovery -

    The dynamic system provides shockwave frequency up to 2800rpm and 8mm depth. Even the deep tissues of big muscles can be reached. The fatigue after sports practice will be obviously reduced after massage for several minutes with this device.

  • 6 well designed massage accessories -

    Different accessories are designed for different massage purpose. With well designed curve and massage points, you can get decent massage experience with different muscle groups and get the best muscle recovery after practice.

  • Light weight design -

    The improvement on structure design makes the device much lighter than early models, while keeps the same reliability features. It's much easier to enjoy the massage for longer time.

  • 7 gear levels -

    With 5 constant speed levels and 2 wave speed curve levels provides flexibility for users to get the right massage for different body parts and get the best relaxation for muscles after sports.

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