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Philips - Waist And Back Massager _ PPM4311GN/97

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Philips - Waist And Back Massager _ PPM4311GN/97


Specifications :

  • Heating Type - Rice light bulb

  • Net weight - 1.4 kg

  • Product Dimension (LxWxH) - 290×290×110  mm

  • Color - Green

  • Main materials - Elastic fabric

  • Working voltage - 24 W

  • Auto shut-off time - 15 minutes

  • Temperature of heating - 42±3  °C

  • Working power - 11.6 V

  • Battery - 2000 mAh

  • Charging current - 1 A

  • Cord length of adapter - 1.6 m

  • Charging port - DC 12.6V/1A

  • Charging voltage - 12.6 V


Descriptions :

  • 3D massage provides a comfortable experience -

    Using two 3D massage nodes, you can simulate the massage action of manually pressing, pushing and kneading for a more thorough massage.

  • Small body, different functions -

    The massge adopts an outstanding appearance and suitable materials, and has a variety of use. It can massage your neck, back, waist, thighs, calfs and other parts. You can also use it as a cushion and a nap pillow.

  • Lithium battery power supply, use without cord -

    Powered by large-capacity lithium batteries, it provides long battery life. Enjoy massage and relaxation anytime and anywhere with using the power cord.

  • Select the modes to meet different needs -

    There are 4 modes available: clockwise kneading, counterclockwise kneading, clockwise heating kneading and counterclockwise heating kneading. Various modes can meet for the relaxation needs of different parts of body at any time. You can easily enjoy favorite massage experience.

  • Heating helps promote blood circulation and relax muscles -

    When kneading, apply a constant temperature at about 42 degrees to promote blood circulation, relieve pain and relax muscles.

  • One-click control massager -

    Simplify the operation. Simplify all settings with one click.

  • Rabbit-shaped appearance to meet a variety of massage needs -

    It adopts a rabbit-shaped appearance design, so that the massager can fit the outline of your body. You can enjoy a comfortable massage.

  • Timing to prevent hurt from over massaging and overheating -

    Automatically turn off after 15 minutes of massage to avoid damage to muscle and skin by excessive massage and overheating.

  • A soft, skin-friendly fabric for a better experience -

    With durable elastic fabric and short flannel materials, you can enjoy a better touch, soft and breathable.

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