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Philips - Waist and Back Massager _ PPM4325/97

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Philips - Waist and Back Massager _ PPM4325/97


Specifications :

  • Net weight - 185 g

  • Product Dimension (LxWxH) - 1080×110×35  mm

  • Color - Pink

  • Auto shut-off time - 30 minutes

  • Temperature of heating - 45-55  °C

  • Working voltage - 3.7 V

  • Working power - 6.5 W

  • Battery - 3000 mAh

  • Charging current - 1 A

  • Charging port - Type-C

  • Charging voltage - 5 V


Descriptions :

  • Large area hot compress, adjustable heating temperature -

    The front and back dual zones are heated at the same time, and the 45-55 degrees can be adjusted in 3 levels to effectively promote blood circulation, relieve back pain and abdominal discomfort.

  • Portable massage belt, feel light and thin -

    The net weight of the whole device is 185g, the thin and light body can be worn invisible, so that you are not afraid of pressure and embarrassment.

  • 30-minute intelligent timed massage, avoid excessive massage -

    A timed 30-minute working time for automatically shut off, effectively avoiding excessive massage and causing discomfort of redness and swelling of the skin.

  • Detachable controller, light and portable for carrying - 

    The controller and the main device are fixed by magnetic adsorption, and they can be easily adsorbed when they are close to each other. Detachable design, it is more convenient to travel and carry and easy to clean.

  • Built-in battery, avoid power cord constraints - 

    The control box has a built-in battery with a capacity of 3000mAh, which can be used for 180 minutes when fully charged.

  • 3D surround ergonomic design for better protection - 

    Wraparound design, you can also use with extension strap, adjust the abdominal and waist massage position through the hook & loop. 360-degree wrap covering waist massage to soothe discomfort.

  • Carefully selected fabrics: light, soft & waterproof -

    Use carefully selected fabrics with antibacterial and water repellent treatment, it prevents odor and damage to skin health caused by the growth of harmful microorganisms. The device is light and thin, make it invisible and non-sensing to wear as well as more convenient to carry.

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