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Philips - Waist and Massager _ PPM4721DB/97

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Philips - Waist and Massager _ PPM4721DB/97


Specifications :

  • Color - Dark blue

  • Net weight - approx. 1.1kg

  • Product Dimension (LxWxH) - 1090x224x50  mm

  • Main materials - Mesh cloth

  • Temperature of heating - 40-55  °C

  • Working voltage - 3.7 V

  • Auto shut-off time - 30 minutes

  • Working power - 9.5 W

  • Battery - 3200 mAh

  • Charging current - 2 A

  • Charging voltage - 5 V

  • Charging port - USB Type-C


Descriptions :

  • 4-zone high-frequency vibration massage to relax and relieve - 
    Built-in 4 high-frequency vibration massage areas, directly hit the sore muscles. You can relax your waist muscles immersively and relieve muscle fatigue and soreness.
  • 4 vibration modes to enrich massage experience -
    There are 2 warm-up massage modes and 2 recovery massage modes after exercise. With 4 zones of cool rhythmic lighting, the massage has a more technological sense.
  • Metal steel bar support bar to disperse support pressure -
    There are 2 arch-shaped supporting steel bars to stabilize the lumbar spine, disperse the pressure on the lumbar spine from the upper body, and provide protection and fixation to the waist.
  • 40-55°C hot compress temperature, 4 adjustable temperatures -
    NTC intelligent temperature control can strengthen the local blood circulation of the human body, thereby effectively relieving muscle tension and pain, allowing you to relax and relieve the fatigue of the day.
  • 30-minute intelligent timed massage, avoid excessive massage -
    A timed 30-minute working time for automatically shut off, effectively avoiding excessive massage and causing discomfort of redness and swelling of the skin.
  • Built-in battery, avoid power cord constraints. -
    The control box has a built-in battery with a capacity of 3200mAh, which can be used for 120 minutes when fully charged.
  • Soft touch, light fabric -
    It is made of fine fabric sewing, and the whole machine feels soft to the touch. The fabric is added with antibacterial and antibacterial technology, which makes it healthier to wear and more secure to use.
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