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Dreame Pocket High-Speed Hair Dryer

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Dreame Pocket High-Speed Hair Dryer


Specifications :

  • Motor - 110,000 rpm high-speed motor
  • Nozzles - Unfrizz Nozzle; Curling Nozzle
  • Airflow Speed - 70m/s
  • Ions - 300 million platinum ions for hair care
  • Operation Modes - Cold Air / Warm Air / Hot Air / Hot & Cold Cycle / Instant Cold Air
  • Buttons - On/Off, Speed Levels 1, 2
  • Rated Voltage - 220-240V
  • Rated Frequency - 50/60Hz
  • Rated Power - 1300W
  • Noise - ≤60dB
  • Light Indicator - Temperature mode colors on the buttons
  • Safety Protection - NTC Sensor, Thermostat Protection, Fuse Protection
  • Net Weight - 300g
  • Product Dimensions - 50 × 145 × 201mm


Descriptions :

  • Only in Pocket
    - "N" shape for folded palm-sized storage
    - "1" shape for attaching the curling nozzle to direct airflow for natural curls
    - "7" shape for attaching the unfrizz nozzle for straight and sleek styling or blow-drying
  • Super Travel Friendly Only 300 Grams
    - Exclusively designed by DREAME: 180-degree foldable design, equipped with a compact 50mm body, small like an iPhone.
  • Fast Drying Power
    - Featuring a strong 110,000rpm motor, enjoy swift drying with a 70m/s airspeed* and high 55m3/h air volume*. This design effectively dries hair from the roots, ensuring speedy scalp moisture removal. Even hair down to the shoulders can be dried in just 2 minutes*.
  • 300 Million Negative Ions
    - Experience the benefits of 300 million gold negative ions, designed to effortlessly smoothen hair and seal in moisture, creating a luxuriously silky and elegant finish.
  • Customized Modes
    - 57°C Constant Temperature Mode: Optimal for preventing heat damage during blow-drying.
    - Cold Mode: Ideal for refreshing in summer or providing a cool air option for styling.
    - Hot Mode: Quickly dries wet hair with efficiency.
    - Hot/Cold Mode: Alternating temperatures for diverse styling needs. 7 seconds of hot air followed by 5 seconds of cold air reduces heat accumulation.
    - Instant Cool Air Mode: Quick cooling and setting
  • Smart Temperature Control
    - With an NTC thermistor and advanced microprocessor, the dryer checks temperature 300 times per second*, ensuring even and steady heating. This technology reduces split ends, hair damage, and color fading.


What's in the box :

  • Pocket Hair Dryer x 1
  • Unfrizz Nozzle x 1
  • Curling Nozzle x 1
  • Pocket Travel Bag x 1
  • User Manual x 1

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