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Philips - Foot Massager _ PPM6331DB/97

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Philips - Foot Massager _ PPM6331DB/97


Specifications :

  • Heating Type - Neon lamp
  • Net weight - about 1.84kg
  • Product Dimension (LxWxH) - 395x255x196  mm
  • Massage type
    - Kneading
    - Pressing
    - Hot compress
    - Rolling
  • Color - Dark blue
  • Auto shut-off time - 15 minutes

  • Temperature of heating - about 50  °C

  • Rated Power - 24  W

  • Massage modes - 2 modes

  • Default levels - 2 intensity levels

  • Rated Voltage - 12 V


Descriptions :

  • 3D ergonomic massage nodes with 8 points -
    Double roller design. 3D bionic method, simulates human hand massage. 8 large contact points in a wide contact area, which are arranged at different heights to relax the muscles like undulating waves and provide a comfortable experience.
  • Available in Thighs, calves and feet -
    2 modes available: knead thighs and calves to slowly relieve pressure and relax tight muscles; press the soles of feet to help relax arches.
  • Remote controller for easy adjustment -
    The extended controller allows you to adjust the massager while sitting or lying down without bending down. Equipped with dedicated storage for the controller, easy to access and use at any time. No need to worry about losing your controller.
  • 2 massage techniques in 2 intensities -
    Preset 2 major techniques of kneading and pressing, with 2 intensity levels. It allows you to enjoy a relaxing massage for the feet and legs.
  • Selected fabrics inside and outside,a comfortable experience -
    The outer layer is made of soft leather, which is smooth and delicate to the touch and easy to clean. The inner lining is made of durable fabric, which is skin-friendly and breathable. You will feel comfortable when used close to the skin.
  • 50 degrees hot compress in 5 seconds -
    Adopting neon lamp heating method, the heat output is uniform and stable. You can feel the warmth and care of your legs and feet in about 5 seconds
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