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Anker PowerLine II with Lightning Connector (3ft) _ A8432

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Anker PowerLine II with Lightning Connector (3ft) _ A8432


Specifications :

  • Product Code - A8432
  • Product Name - Anker PowerLine II with Lightning Connector
  • Length - 90cm
  • Colour - Black, White


Descriptions :


  • Compatible with lPHONE 12 Series Above -
    PowerLine II Dura Lightning Cable
  • Positive Reinforcement -
    Using a specialist, bulletproof fiber, PowerLine II is probably the strongest cable in the world. Over 40% stronger than the previous PowerLine modela cable renowned for its durability.
  • Benchmark Durability -
    Designed to tolerate over 12,000 bendsthats 12x more than a standard Lightning cable. Twists, yanks and drops pose no threat for a cable this robust.
  • Beautiful Inside & Out -
    A high-quality TPE finish provides a tactile and robust exterior. Able to resist dirt and maintain an as-new look for much longer than other materials. Give your iPhone the partner it deserves.
  • High-Speed Charging -
    Charging and data-transfer speeds stay sky-high. PowerLine II is confirmed by Apple themselves to offer the highest possible performance for your devices.


What's in the box :

  • Powerline II with Lightning connector 3ft x1
  • Friendly Customer Service
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